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Grayson Law Firm - Anaconda, Montana

Legal Consultation by Telephone

Grayson Law Firm has been providing telephone consultations for most of our services for many years. A telephone consultation with your attorney allows you to stay at home and get the legal help you need.

In Montana, you may need legal assistance but it may be difficult for you to get into town for a meeting due to distance, road conditions, or due to the injuries you received in the accident you need legal assistance with. Mike Grayson at Grayson Law Firm has extensive experience working on cases by telephone and email. In some cases there may not be any need for an in-person visit.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, providing services from a distance has become even more important. We want to keep you healthy. Call Grayson Law Firm in Anaconda, Montana, at (406) 563-3195 to schedule your telephone appointment and we will be glad to be of assistance - from an appropriate social distance.

Serving Southwest Montana's Legal Needs - From a Distance

Grayson Law Firm operates out of Anaconda, Montana. We primarily serve in this region, from Drummond to Dillon, Deer Lodge to Georgetown Lake, Anaconda to Butte. We have the experience working with clients over the phone and providing strong, quality legal assistance from a distance.

When you are looking for an attorney that can help you with your Montana legal issue over the phone, don't go to someone who is just trying to figure thous out - call Grayson Law Firm where we've been providing telephone consultations and handling legal cases from a distance for many years!

Contact Grayson Law Firm

For a free, no obligation consultation, call our number: (406) 563-3195 or email us at We handle real estate cases, auto insurance cases, motorcycle accident cases, premesis liability, and other cases primarily in southwest Montana, and we will handle your case professionally, fairly, and courteously. If you are unable to travel to our office, Mike will be happy to accommodate you by telephone appointments.