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Grayson Law Firm - Anaconda, Montana

Criminal Defense

Mike Grayson is known in the community to be an excellent criminal defense attorney. He will handle your felony case, your DUI (driving under the influence, also known as 'drunk driving') case, or your misdemeanor case. He gets results for his clients. Mike believes that everyone has a right to competent legal representation. Many times strong representation can make a difference in getting a good outcome in your defense case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Mike has spent 12 years as a prosecutor, 8 of those as the County Attorney in Anaconda Deer Lodge County. Mike also has over 12 years' experience doing criminal defense work. Mike knows the laws. He also knows all possible defenses, and can help pick the strategy that best fits your case. Mike understands how difficult it is to be accused of committing a crime. He will make sure that your rights are protected, and that you get a fair deal from the criminal justice system. Whether you want to fight your case all the way to trial, or get the best plea bargain available, Mike will help YOU get what YOU want. You need an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney like Mike on your case.

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