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Grayson Law Firm - Anaconda, Montana

Welcome to the Grayson Law Firm

Our Mission

We strive to help our clients get the best possible outcome from their case, while providing prompt, fair, and aggressive legal representation. If you are hurt in a car accident, we will push the insurance company to pay the full dollar amount of your damages. If you are accused of a crime, we will do our best to defend you. You deserve to have a qualified, experienced lawyer who actually cares about your case. Call us at (406) 563-3195 for a free consultation!

Feel free to call us at (406) 563-3195, to make a no obligation appointment. For many types of legal cases, we can do a telephone appointment at client's request.

Grayson Law Firm is located in Anaconda, Montana and provide quality, professional legal help for clients in Montana, primarily focusing on Southwest Montana. We would love to meet with your in our Anaconda office or provide you a telephone consultation for your legal needs.

Legal Services

Accident and Personal Injury Cases
Grayson Law Firm in southwest Montana is second to none in handling your accident or personal injury case. Attorney Mike Grayson travels throughout Montana handling accident cases, both large and small. Mike's extensive prosecution experience gives him knowledge few have concerning auto accidents, civil liability, and negligence cases. Insurance companies thrive on dealing with people who don't hire an attorney; have a free consultation with Mike to discuss your claim before it's too late.
Criminal and DUI Defense
Mike understands how difficult it is to be arrested for DUI or accused of committing a crime. As your lawyer, he will make sure that your rights are protected, and that you get a fair deal from the criminal justice system. Again, Mike's experience as a prosecutor gives him an advantage when representing you in your criminal defense case.
Real Estate, Land Use, and Business Law
Mike strongly supports economic development. He will help you get your development or business deal completed in the most economical way. Mike's experience as a county attorney give him extensive knowledge of land use and zoning laws and regulations which will help in your case.
Wills, Probate, and Estate Law
Come in and visit Mike and he will explain how probate works, and help you avoid probate altogether whenever possible. You want a good, experienced lawyer working on your estate.

Proudly providing strong, qualified, experienced legal services for all of southwest Montana: Anaconda, Butte, Deer Lodge, Dillon, Drummond, Georgetown Lake, Philipsburg, and all places in between! At Grayson Law Firm, we get you results.